Friday, June 24, 2011

Magic Power for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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Magic Power, Now only in App Store.
For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Updated: Jun 23, 2011
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Size: 11MB
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French (Soon: Japan Portugues)
  • Rated 9+
Perform this amazing magic-act with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and get everybody amazed at your magical prowess!

This great “real magic” act lets you figure out any card that people can peek, in a deck that always has different cards randomly disposed.

Ask someone to chose a card from the deck in your screen, tell them to keep it secret, but make sure they remember the suit and the number!  You shouldn’t know the card!

Then, after a few instructions that imply shuffling the cards, a large card facing down will appear on the screen, and you, making use of your incredible power of concentration, will say “I’m going to read your mind!”…

After a short pause for effect, you could announce “I see … the card is a spade” … (for example), continuing the ”dramatic part” you may say that the card belongs to the upper (between 8 and 13) or bottom (between 1 and 7) half of the pack of cards… After a little final pause, you exclaim “I got a Magic Power!” … and announce the card.

Finally, just after announcing the secret card, you touch the screen (or you can make the person touch it) and the secret card that you just announced, magically appears in your device. Nobody ever will be able to tell how you did it, but the truth is that you will always can find out the secret card, that’s your exclusive Magic Power!.

You can do some variations of the trick as we show in YouTube (just look for “saurre magic power” and get inspired). No matter what, even when you aren’t looking at the device during the performance, you’ll be able to find out the secret card.

Be the center of attention at any family reunion, party or Pub; show what your amazing iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can do and leave everybody astonished.

“Magic Power” exploits the graphics features of your iOS device to bring a nice and easy visual experience, to the performer as well as the spectator, including a complete set of real hi-def digitalized cards and suspenseful sound effects.

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Let yourself be a real magician, and remember, keep the secret of your App, is keep your MAGIC POWER.

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