Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bring More Magic to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Magic Power 2

This application is a new trick, totally different from our first application "Magic Power” and perfectly complements your set of magic applications, giving you more options when you’re performing magic tricks with your IOS device.

The purpose of this trick is to "predict" the card that one person will select, even before he/she does it.

You give your device to the person to whom you perform this magic act, saying "You're going to operate the device ... not me!".

You can even say that you’ll secretly write down on paper, the card that the person will choose before he/she start the application.

Then you indicate that he/she touch on the "Start" option in the menu and this amazing magic trick starts.
On the screen is displayed a deck of cards facing down, and you instruct the person to slide some on the "table" by sliding his/her finger over the pack, then some cards (always different) are released, while you avoid to look at the device. You tell the person that he/she can stop throwing cards "freely" whenever he/she wants.

When he/she stops, you ask him/her that touch on the deck to choose the last card that remained facing down. Then the card flipped is shown in full screen, the person must shake the device slightly to see the number on the card, making sure that you cannot see it.
This card, chosen randomly, is the card you will guess.

To end the trick, you can ask questions of "reverse psychology" or concepts like "What do you prefer, right or left", or "Do you prefer blue or green?" Or month of birth, any questions like those, and to each answer, you give a fact about the secret card, first, if it's a red or black one, then the suit ("Diamonds, Hearts, Spades or Clubs), then if the secret card belongs to the upper or lower half of the set and so, finally you name the card, eg "2 of Clubs" ...
You will see the surprise on people's faces, when they realize that you, without using the device and never see the screen, could guess the card.

This trick is very easy to peform, has been built with the same graphic quality that "Power Magic” which is our first trick as impressive as this. (you found it here in App Store too)
Once again, show what is capable your iOS device and especially show your incredible psychic abilities with "Magic Power 2"

We infinitely thank you for giving us a minute to qualify with 5 stars this application on the App Store, since this will help us continue developing applications that entertain you and your friends at a low cost.
Remember to change your initial password to protect the secrets of your amazing magic act. Because in those secret lies your MAGIC POWER.

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