Thursday, September 1, 2011

911 Read This! - An App that could help to save your life

An App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

“It's better have an insurance and not need it, that need an insurance and not have it “ This famous phrase applies perfectly to “911 Read This!
This application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, keeps your most important medical data in an emergency always available, and how in an emergency every second counts, could be of invaluable help.
Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch have become in your inseparable companion, then, what better than get help from him when (hopefully never occur the event) be necessary.
You can enter your birthdate (although you can lie a little if you want, but remember that a person's age is a crucial fact in an emergency, so do not overdo). You can also include your blood type (if you don't know it, may be found on your driver's license or may be now the right time to go to your doctor and know it)
Among the most important things you can include are your allergies to any medications or food, disease, or current medical conditions as well as the name and phone number up to 2 persons for emergency contact.
Your summary tab is a fully customizable display that may even include a photo of yourself for complete identification. The backgrounds may be freely choosen. It's high advisable to create an image to use as Lock Screen Wallpaper, so, your most important data will be always visible the same with your picture.
People who have chronic medical conditions should always keep this application updated. Carrying a "pacemaker" or suffer diabetes or other special attention conditions, should be information that you must include in this application.
Even people in normal health conditions will benefit from "911 Read This!", so they may include his/her blood type and emergency contacts as well as a personal photo.
The image generated for Lock Screen Wallpaper is quite attractive and turns your IOS device into a tool that (hopefully never needed) could one day save your life.
You may include the following information:
- If you smoke, how many cigarettes smoked per day
 - Insurance Company
 - Hospital or medical institution of preference
 - Name and number of your doctor
 - Allergies
 - Medications or supplements you take.
 - Other

Please take a few seconds to rate this application with 5 stars if you think it may be useful for somebody, perhaps you are part of a chain of events that lead to saving a life.
We CAN NOT reply comments in the App Store, so kindly write us for any problems or suggestions to our eMail that we’ll reply as soon as possible.
Give this application as a gift is give security and Remember: This application could be best spent dollar of your life.

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