Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Earthquake Alarm for iPhone and iPod Touch


During the day we do not need an alarm that tells us that the earth is shaking, but during the night, things change, we are sleeping and usually we wake up when the quake is already in full swing. To this comes "Night EarthQuake Alarm".

A few seconds can make the difference between a best response, or going out of control

During the night, just plug in your charger, place your device on a table that you know will not move, and rest assured that your iPhone / iPod monitors for you if there are any unexpected movement.

In that case, some gentle but effective musical alarm tones (to avoid increase the concern that, in itself implies an earthquake) will wake you up, while the screen of your unit will become in a flashlight, so you will have your room lightened and will win some significant minutes.

You will never be caught unaware by an earthquake during the night, with this application for iPhone / iPod Touch.

"Night Earthquake Alarm" can be used also as a regular but beautiful alarm clock without turning on the "motion detector" to take a nap or wake you up in the morning. To do that, NSA has Soft and funny alarm tones that will let you rely on the Alarm function at any time and also has the option to extend the nap 10 minutes more, several times.

The interface supports 8 languages:

• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• Portuguese
• German
• Japanese and
• Chinese.

So that anyone can set “Night Earthquake Alarm” smoothly.

The motion sensor has 3 levels of sensitivity, Low, Normal and High to use the most convenient.

Just remember to connect your charger every night and leave the application open to watch for you, quietly

If the light of the alarm clock bothers you at night, you can give a little tap on the screen so it'll become darker, and you will sleep comfortably and barely notice it.

"Night Earthquake Alarm" is your night alarm clock and anti earthquakes with a beautiful design and fully configurable features.

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